Monday, July 6, 2009

Why I started blogging....

Reader, are you a true reader or a reader/blogger? If you are a reader/blogger why did you start your blog? Better yet, why are you keeping your blog active?

I started my blog, basically because my sister started her's. We have a fun thing in our family, when one person does something and it makes them happy we all try it and join in on the fun. Sometimes after our initial try, lifers are born and continue their new found happiness. In the case with my blog I tried it, I liked it and I kept blogging.

Conceptually, my blog was to have been the on-line location of all pictures, words, etc that were perfection by me. What ended up happening is I used my blog to vent, post my accomplishments, whine, celebrate my family, and mostly to remember.

Reader, I am aware that my posts are often staggered but you must understand I blog when I need it. When something truly wonderful strikes me I blog about it to capture it on-line and share it with everyone. :) While my posts will not bring down the Internet with the thousands of readers flocking to this site for my shiny two cents, it makes me happy. So I'll continue to blog until it becomes excruciatingly hard to blog, who knows when or how, and hopefully you'll keep visiting whenever you can.

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