Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hedgehog Love

A long, long, long time ago, I walked into a a glorious store in Delaware called Hayes Sewing and fell in love with a fabric featuring little Hedgehogs with blue fur and adorable smiles.  It was destiny. 

As with all fabric hoarders, I found a love and then promptly stashed it away.  I would take it out every couple of months thinking I had found the correct pattern only to turn around and put it back thinking this wouldn't showcase my little hedgehogs.

But then I found it...the backing blue and white polka dot fabric that complimented it and the pattern to make it shine.  Isn't it so cute waving in the wind....

come on aren't the Hedgehogs just adorable....

Did you notice the little foxes too? Come on check out those cute Hedgehogs!

Notice the blue fur, so cute!

After giving the hedgehogs one last hug, I quickly packed up the quilt and sent it on its way to be loved by a new little baby boy.  

As I was editing the photos, you know lighting issues, and cropping the images, I realized I never took a picture of the backing with the cute blue and white polka dot fabric!

So I promptly took a deep breath and let it go....maybe I should make a check list for my quilt photo shoots....or bother the baby to send me a picture of him wrapped up in the quilt showing the backing.  Pardon me while I make a call to Florida.

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