Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Good Stuff - Kitchen Goodies

Should any of you readers out there spy any of these lovely items, please know they, each and definitely all, would receive an incredibly warm welcome at my home.

Cream and Sugar Set 
Aren't these two so cute!!!  I can already imagine getting my Lactaid Milk from the creamer and sugar or at least mi esposo getting it for me since he makes me my tea.

On a warm summer day, this gorgeous pitcher would serve the most delicious lemonade that mi esposo would make for me.  Kind of a theme I have going huh, all things blue and mi esposo making stuff for me.  Oh yeah! 

Now this set I'd use to prepare something for mi esposo so never fear dear Reader, he doesn't do all the cooking.  I know I do not need them but I would so want to get a new set like this gorgeous blue Belmont stoneware set from Mikasa.  A long, long time ago when I used to work for a tyrant, I happily discovered a silver lining in that horrible cloud of a line on my resume, as the tyrant's office was in close proximity to a Mikasa store.  I spent many a happy lunch hour perusing the aisles and oohing and ahhing over all of their gorgeous crystal, dishes and cups that I purchased either for myself or for family members.     

Okay back to work and no more dreaming of blue kitchen goodies.

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Frank said...

I think Victor said something about Monnys Day.... They all do look beautiful! Maybe there will be a sale sometime in the future?