Monday, February 25, 2013

Quilting continues....

There is so much going on with work duties, home duties and this so called farce of a work balance life that I find it so incredibly hard to set aside some time to just relax and focus on a project.  

Luckily I have a great cheering squad made of of my lovely family especially mi esposo and V-dub who are always ready to give me that extra pep to keep going.   

One of the projects I was able to create was a quilt for my niece, now this was back some time ago but I finally found time to post it.  Little victories right!!! 

I used the always wonderful Allison's CluckCluckSew Road Trip pattern which I credit with teaching me the patience and the beauty of making a quilt.  

I decided on a collection of prints that played with green tones which is a beautiful match for my niece's unique eye color.   Did you know green eyes are a rarity!  

Layout of the quilt...notice the tea and apples at the power source....and now the finished quilt. 

I love it!!!!  The orange trim is a departure from my typical understated pairings and I'm incredibly happy with the turnout.  The orange beautifully compliments the green tones and makes the orange in the flower patterned fabric pop just like my niece's electric personality.   

Yes, I'm sure you are noticing the abundance of leaves on the ground and you might be thinking to yourself, wait a minute was this picture from last fall, absolutely but remember better late, incredibly late in this case, than never!  


JennyC said...

Gorgeous work as always! I know she loved her quilt ... who wouldn't love this beauty?! Good job, darling :)

Me said...

Ah thanks sweetheart!!! I can't wait to put up the pictures of my next quilt!!!!