Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Tale of Desperaux

Yesterday I ran to my red mailbox hoping a special envelope marked Netflix would be awaiting me. As I reached into the depths of the mailbox, I closed my eyes and wiggled my fingers around until my fingers clasped the bundle of mail. Quickly I pulled the paper out and in the middle of the bunch poking through the bills and resident mail, was that wondrous red envelope. I fumbled with the keys to open the door, stepped on poor Sox, threw my bag to the floor, dumped the mail on the dining room table and pulled out the red envelope!

The Tale of Desperaux had finally arrived!!!!!

Dear Reader, I wasn't able to watch it at that precise moment. Hubby had gone to get a haircut and I was left with the irresistible envelope that was calling my name. I did my best to keep busy until he arrived. I did the dishes (I hate to do the dishes), brought down the laundry, sorted the laundry, changed my clothes, put on the oven for the pizza (it would take less time then having to make those frozen dinners or hey let's be honest I was in a bigger hurry) until finally Hubby was home. Now before you think I was able to watch the movie right away think again. Hubby took a quick shower, so that was another ten minutes to keep busy but I cheated.

I loaded the DVD in the player so I could hear the music, you know the theme music that plays while the DVD menu is on display.

Finally, Hubby was ready and we both rushed down to our movie room and began the Tale of Desperaux.

It was lovely! The colors were rich and you could positively feel the fur of the mice and rats. As many of you know once a book is made into a movie items are changed to suit the time constraint of the movie or elements are added not found in the book by the director or screenplay adapter.

I won't lie, it was a slightly different story but the core of the story did not dream bigger than you are, bigger than the expectations of who you are, to hope, to love and to forgive.
While I much preferred the book, the film was a beautiful experience. I especially liked the introduction of Baldo, I don't recall him in the book, in fact I recall the chef as a woman who later provides Desperaux with soup to nourish him, little does she know on his quest to save the princess. You should definitely watch the Bonus Features that show how the animators got their ideas especially the kitchen food fight.

Mathew Broderick was perfect for the voice of Desperaux. I couldn't help but smile when he introduced himself to Princess Pea as a "gentleman." Another notable mentions is Sigourney Weaver, as the voice of the narrator. She was a delight, pay special attention to her voice at the end of the movie, when she describes how the hearts of those in the tale where broken and caused them to act out and hurt those around then, how this misunderstandings caused others to be angry and how in the end the power of forgiveness is the greatest power in the world. It was lovely and well worth the wait.


Frank said...

I'm so sorry you had to wait so long to see the movie! It was well worth the wait though and I enjoyed it myself. The story was about an unlikely hero and I think we could all use one of those, or a heroine of course. :)

I love you and you are my heroine!

ThePhantomMoon said...

Sara: I think your review was spot on! I loved the movie even though it was a little darker then I imagined. Definitely a great pick though :)

Sista: that was too sweet :)