Friday, April 3, 2009

Gift Request = Cool Aunt!

Hubby and I have kitty. No kids.

We know a lot about children. When to pick them up. When to play with them, and especially when to give them back. So when one of our in-laws calls to tell us their child would especially need a "SomethingorOther"and we can afford it; we get it.

Happy Child = Happy Parents = Super Cool "Aunt & Uncle"

I like it when kids think I'm cool.

My sister-in-law "M" called me recently and asked if we hadn't gotten a gift already, (some times I get gifts ahead of time and stash them in my house), but if I hadn't gotten a gift already (and I hadn't) that "K" could really use a toy box for her room.

Toy boxes are not what they once were, you know like the Holly Hobbie toy boxes from long ago. I can still remember putting all of my treasures in mine. Ah the good ol'days. Anyway we couldn't find anything that would make K say "My Aunt is Cool!" Oh and her Uncle too, until we found a blank canvas. Ikea is selling great plain white toy boxes that could become anything if you have a bit of imagination. I can just see my favorite heroine, Anne of Green Gables smiling in my head over that line. Anyway, Hubby and I went to Jo-Anns and we found these cool sticker things. Sorry I can't remember what they were called but they worked perfectly.

From a Blank Toy Chest, I know present you K's Fairy Toy Box, or as BB calls it "Girl!"

Here is a view of the lid, aren't her wings just lovely.

We decided not to add the hinges to the box. Her little brother could poke his hand in there and get it stuck. Now he'll need to be strong to lift it. Hopefully our theory protects his little hands.

Side View - We, I'll explain later, added little hearts all around!

All Wrapped and Ready to go!

I couldn't find any wrapping paper that matched Little Miss Fairy so I decided to add ribbon and a bow and head off to the party.

K loved her toy box and her mom loved it so much she suggested we do one for her oldest son. A toy box for a boy....I'm guessing snakes and spiders should do it.

Oh and the "We" before I forget. I enlisted my dear sister JennyC to help me arrange and actually do most of the work. I did some of the hearts though. Oh and the stickers can be moved. Now I just need to remember what in the heck they were called!!!!

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