Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My BFF is back for her next adventure

"A good friend is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world."   Leis Wyse

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Yesterday I had the privilege of picking up my BFF at the airport, with my kids in tow naturally.  She's returned home after living in Texas for over 10 years to start her next adventure.   

She's been so far away for so long that it doesn't feel real that I can now get in the car, again dragging the kids with me, and just visit her. Ah Le sigh.....come on people you know you are out there...haven't you had that friend you've met in your adult years, okay maybe when you thought you were an adult, who just got you.  Someone who you could just look at and be like "did you just see that" and she rolls her eyes in return and cracks up too.  

Now don't get me wrong, we are not both cut from the same cloth.  While we do enjoy a lot of the same things we also have so many differences and that is what makes it work. 
She's seen me at my best, on my wedding day, has shared my joys at finding out I was pregnant, and at my worst as a young girl enjoying her freedom at 21.  Can you say Lemon Drop.  She's a bit braver than I am, living so far away from her family and I was her cheerleader (no pom poms people) and still am too.  

While she was away we came up with ideas to keep in touch, because when a friend becomes family that's what you do.  We started with a book club of 2.  We dedicated a night every so often and watched a Hallmark movie together over the phone, cracking up at the same parts and figuring out the ending long before the movie had ended. Once we both tried to incorporate a little drink, but its been so long since my 21 year old days that it was fortunate my cat knocked over my drink or I would have never been able to see the rest of the movie with her.  

She is definitely the key to my sanity as I would call her at odd ends of the day to vent over things at my old job, family weirdness, my new adventure as a stay at home mom and just around everything and I in turn would listen to her vent about her job, family weirdness and all around everything too.  

Now she's back and it's like she never left. We are planning on a movie night (in person at a theater!), walking adventures and dinner nights and who knows what.  I know this move back will be short as its a stepping stone to her next adventure but no fear, we'll keep in touch because that's what BFFs do.

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