Friday, September 26, 2014

Public Service Announcement - Good Customer Service is a thing of the past!

Gone are the days of "the customer is always right," "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back," or even an attempt at the customer service representative to listen to your problem and an attempt to fix it.  

Case in point #1....Wittlebee disappointment

     I discovered the Wittlebee service and was in love with what they promised.  As a working mom, at that time, the service would be saving me so much time by shopping for clothes while I could instead spend time with my son rather than braving the store for clothes and dealing with countless people and long lines.  I setup my son's profile, indicated all of his stats, important items to mention, he was a boy, size 3 and did not want to recieve a onesie, (V-Dub was not a fan of them).  Wouldn't you know it, the Wittlebee stylist sent a onesie.  I updated his profile due to this problem with a nice BOLD highlight that indicated onesies were not desired and hoped the next stylist would look at my history and ready my notes and correct their error.  The onesie error never occurred again but a new erroneous pattern began to surface, which I believe was due to a lack of interest in the details by the stylist(s).  See my email below that details my issues....

Please cancel my subscription for my son effective immediately. While initially the service was a blessing, I even featured two of our favorite boxes on my personal blog, unfortunately the last set of boxes arrived with duplicate items and clothing my son cannot wear, such as larger sized clothing, he is a size 3 and we have received several size 4 clothes, as well as a girl's outfit.   As a working mom, my free time is limited and I would very much prefer to spend that time with my son then at the store and unfortunately with the unwearable items he has received, and the fact that when I went on line today to select clothing and was unable to view the showroom I need to divert my valuable resources elsewhere. Please confirm receipt of the cancellation via return email. Thank you. 

     Now the point of this service was to save me time and anguish remember.  Who wants to be the mom that send her son out in the same outfit a couple of days in a row, he would look like a little dirtball right?  Or what about the larger items they began sending me that he couldn't wear, how is that helping. NO! Or even better what about the incredibly light green shorty shorts that are for girls!  Needless to say I had had enough and sent an email to Wittlebee justifying my disappointment expressing my frustration hoping that at least I would have gotten an email from them saying sorry let's try again. 
And much to my surprise here is their response....

We have cancelled your Wittlebee account per your request. We’re disappointed to see you go, but we thank you for giving our club a try.  Sincerely, Wittlebee Customer Service  

Wow, they didn't even try to correct any of their mistakes so disappointed and lesson learned.  

Account canceled and No NO TO WITTLEBEE!


Frank said...

Great post! So sad customer service has deteriorated to that point but, we now know and knowing is half the battle! There are so many other services we can try its not worth the hassle dealing with a company who doesn't appreciate the business like Comcast! So glad we're done with them.

Me said...

Thank you. Yes many large conglomerates are just taking from customers rather than providing services. Its time we as consumers rally together and demand more for our money.