Friday, November 4, 2011

Book love

Its no surprise to anyone that I love to read.  It all started when I first read Frances the Badger; I loved her.  She was such a precocious character and I read all about her on my many trips to the local library with my mother.  In grade school Nancy Drew became my friend and I accompanied her in her many perilous journeys to solve mysteries, sometimes even the Hardy boys came along.  In 8th Grade, I discovered the Sweet Valley series and later the Sweet Valley High series that made me long to visit California.

Later I met the fabulous Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables who changed my world forever.  I followed Lucy Maud Montgomery's character from her first days at Green Gables, to her wedding to Dr. Gilbert Blythe and all the way to the final book when I meet Anne and Gilbert's daughter in Rilla of Ingleside.  In high school, I read romance novels with my best friends by Julie Garwood and Jude Deveraux and we would talk forever of finding our Knight in Shining Amour.  In college my reading time was mostly devoted to textbooks but I did manage to "fit in" a couple of novels here and there.  I remember reading the Dark Half in a dark corner of a library at Temple, not a good thing when one's imagination can scare oneself immensely.  After college I scored a real full-time job in a great working environment with a bunch of lovely people and found so many friends who shared my love of reading and introduced me to more authors and treasured stories including the classics where I found the Count of Monte Cristo and Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice

Mi esposo also shares my love of reading.  You see he was the one who lent me several Steven King books, of which Bag of Bones, Rose Madder and the Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon remain some my favorite books.  Knowing my love of books, he bought me the best gift ever for my birthday......Its a Nook....

The Nook allows me to bring all of my favorite friends with me whenever I go. I also have the opportunity to make new friends along the way especially now that I am taking the train to head into work.

I still love reading a good book, I love the feel and the smell of a book in my hand but I'll have to admit I'm beginning to love the capability of the electronic world that is allowing me to bring my friends along with me all the time in one handy place.

Thank you for my birthday gift darling and allowing me to continue my book love.  Now I just have to wait for J.K. Rowling to allow Harry, Ron and Hermione's journeys to hit the electronic world and my life will be complete.


Anonymous said...

Read this, you will love it!

Vicki xo

Me said...

Vicki, i loved the link! I'll have to remember it to share with Victor when he gets older so he can find a girl who loves to read too. :) Hopefully that will be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the road.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you liked it. You were the first person I thought of when I read it! Happy new Year! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Btw the last line was my favorite. Very powerful :)

Anonymous said...

You also have to see Midnight in Paris! You will enjoy it! - V