Friday, December 3, 2010

Entering the Third Trimester

I can now be found….
  • launching myself from bed in the morning
  • sticking my head out to get a glimpse of my feet over my belly to be sure my shoes match
  • cutting out patterns for toys for my baby
  • fighting with the cats as they try and steal the ribbon from my craft room for my baby's new toys
  • shopping for christmas gifts now and starting up my christmas card before it gets too late to do it and I'm just bigger and tired all the time;
but mostly I'm just waiting, waiting for this little guy to get here and turn my world upside down.


Frank said...

Don't worry the holidays (Christmas and New Years) will be here so fast and then it will just be a few more weeks! And then it will be all about baby.......

JennyC said...

You look lovely too, my dear. And I agree with Frank, baby will be here before you know :)

Tell him to watch out for his bobo's though ....