Friday, August 13, 2010

Baked Penne Love

Baby and I are doing well.  I haven’t had many cravings in my opinion but ask those around me and they’ll say…she wants homemade food and eggs. Mi esposo and my family are such loving dears that they are taking it in stride, plus mi esposo is wisely rationing out the eggs for breakfast so I don’t have a cholesterol problem.

I’m the last in the family to have a baby so the craving thing isn’t unusual to them at all.

When my SIL was pregnant she loved 100Grand  Nutrageous bars. When anyone from the family saw that candy bar in the store we’d buy at least two, one to have on hand and one to save at the house for a just in case moment. She loved that candy bar.

When my sister was pregnant she adored milkshakes. During her pregnancy she was promised a milkshake outing and a scheduling conflict occurred and the outing didn’t happen. She was crushed. Sister’s husband, mi esposo and I knowing how much she wanted one concocted a plan to get one and make her happy. Mi esposo and I drove to her favorite place which was about 40 minutes away from her house, packed it in ice and ice packs (you would have though we were transporting a liver) and headed to her house. When her hubby opened the door and she realized her milkshake had arrived she was happy and all was right with the world.

Now I’m the pregnant chick and one morning I woke up wanting baked ziti. Not a dying need for it of course. A taste, that’s all, I wanted just a taste of it.

Sister’s husband makes the best baked ziti, and naturally I asked him if he would make it for me. He works nights so if he isn’t working, he’s watching his daughter during the day, my sister’s BB. He just didn’t have time plus its summer and therefore too hot to make baked ziti. It’s also a time consuming and laborious process as the sauce must be made scratch and all ingredients must be incorporate in a precise manner, or at least that’s what my brother-in-law tells me. I thought about stealing his recipe but it’s a family recipe, saved in the minds of the family and not on paper, but even if I were to make it I was sure I couldn’t duplicate my BIL’s baked ziti.

Remember my milkshake story, well my sister returned the favor recently in a big way.

She knew I wanted just a taste of it and so she made me baked ziti, actually penne, she bought the wrong type of pasta but who cares! It was made! She worked with her hubby and made the sauce from scratched and baked it with love for me.


My BIL loves me since he shared the recipe with my sister; I think he wrote it down. WOW!

My sister loves me and I know this for a fact. She’s shown me by preparing a meal especially for me while simultaneously working a full time job and taking care of her daughter. She made me sauce from scratch and in her excitement to create the dish she bought penne instead of ziti but kept on going, since she knew I wouldn’t mind what type of pasta was featured as long as I was able to get the dish. My mother loves me because she allowed me to take the Tupperware home with the leftovers and my dad and mi esposo love me because they only took moderate portions so I could have the leftovers.

Thank you everyone, and thank you darling for the lovely food that I ate at your house, had as leftovers last night and devoured today for lunch.

Baby and I thank you all oh so much!

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JennyC said...

Darling, I am so glad that you liked it! We definitely ate wisely so there would be enough for you to enjoy again (and again apparently!). Love you :X